Rental Information




Welcome to our Home!


We hope you find your stay here comfortable and enjoyable. 


Here are a few guidelines



A)    Our address is:            

               Saco Pines Drive, Conway, NH  03813


B)     There is a NO SMOKING and NO PETS policy.


C)    Our Lock Box Number will be provided upon approved rental 

         agreement. The lockbox is located to the right of the front door


D)    Our Town House Phone number is (603) 447-3284.  

a.       Local calls are available, but you will need a calling card to make

          long distance phone calls. 

b.      Wal-Mart has 60 minute long distance phone cards for about $5.00

c.       Cell phone reception is marginal at best depending on your service



E)     Temperature-   The thermostat is located above the deacons bench on the main floor.  The thermostat should be set at 55 Degrees when you arrive and when you leave to save energy, but keep water pipes from freezing.    The heat source is natural gas forced hot air and the place warms up quickly.


F)     TV-      There are two televisions that have basic cable and are both equipped with a DVD\VCR


G)    Grill-   There is a charcoal grill located on the back porch. 


H)    Wood Stove-  There is a wood stove in the finished basement for your use.  There is firewood in a pile under a tarp in the back left corner of the townhouse.  Please keep the firewood covered to keep dry for the next person.     If there are any Duraflame logs available, they are there for your use.


I)       Hot Tub-  The Jacuzzi jet tub should only be filled about full max.  There is a jet timer on the left wall. You may use a conservative amount bubble bath products in the tub.


Please do not leave the tub area while filling to avoid overflowing.




J)       Washer/Dryer-  There is a washer and dryer located in the basement of the condo.   Please clean the lint collector before using the dryer.


K)    Iron\Ironing board-    There is an iron & ironing board located in the closet outside the upstairs bathroom.  The ironing board hangs on the door.


L)     Trash/Dumpster-  The Saco Pines Dumpster is located on the right hand side as you enter the Saco Pines Complex.


M)   Cleaning Supplies-     Vacuum, mop & broom are located in the closet next to the stairs on the main floor. Additional cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink.


N)    Shovel- There is a shovel located on the back porch if necessary.  The condo association is responsible for shoveling out the main entrance way to the condo. 


O)    Emergency Contact-  Steve Lincourt  Cell phone (407) 948-5080


P)     Directions:     


From Boston, MA to Conway:
Take Rt. 95 North to Rt. 16 North, Spaulding Tpke.(exit 4 in Portsmouth, NH off 95) Follow Rt. 16 N for appx. 80 miles to the town of Conway, NH. From the lights in Conway, take Rt. 113 East which intersects with route 302. Continue on 113/302 through the small village of Center Conway, there will be a yellow blinking light at the intersection of route 113/302 and Mill St. Continue straight on 113/302 past the blinking light and  Saco Bound Canoe rentals.  Look for the  SACO PINES CONDOMINIUM SIGN which is 3 miles east of the light next to the river on the left hand side, just over the railroad tracks. 


Note: At the lights in Conway by the Irving gas station, Rt. 16 N. takes a sharp left. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS! Continue straight on Rt. 113 East which also becomes Rt. 302 East.


From Portland, ME to North Conway: Take route 302 West through Fryeburg. Go approx. 2 miles west of the Maine/New Hampshire state line SACO PINES CONDOMINIUMS SIGN will be on your right.  


From New York City to North Conway:
Take I95 North to 91 North to 84 East to 90 east. Take interstate 95 North to Route 16 north in Portsmouth, NH. From Portsmouth continue north on Route 16 to Conway. Follow the map at the bottom of this page from Conway to Saco Pines.



From North Conway...

To Saco Pines Condos:
South on Route 16 to the junction of 16 and 302. Left on 302. Go about 3 miles. Turn left to stay on Route 302 east. Continue on 302 through the small village of Center Conway, there will be a yellow blinking light at the intersection of route 302 and Mill St. Continue straight on 302 past the blinking light.  Saco Pines Sign is on the left just after the Saco Bound Canoe Rentals.


Thank you for your stay,




Steve & Ester Lincourt

Winter Park, FL


(407) 948-5080


At the end of your stay, there is a light cleaning service that will change the sheets, make the beds and wash the towels as well as do light cleaning.  You should leave the townhouse in relatively clean condition.  All trash should be removed and all dishes should be cleaned and put away.   Additional cleaning fees charged to us will be deducted from your security deposit.


Upon departure,


**Please leave the temperature set at 55 Degrees

**Return key to the lock box.


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